Community Service Awards

It is a tradition of Freemasonry to honor those in the community who provide exemplary service to others through their careers or volunteer efforts. Raritan Valley Lodge #46 is proud to shine Masonic Light on individuals who educate our youth, protect us, and answer the call in times of emergency, thereby demonstrating the Masonic values of friendship, morality, and brotherly love in their everyday work

Educator of the Year

Supporting education is one of the fraternity's oldest traditions. Masonry realizes that classroom teachers are one of our most valuable resources as a nation as teachers prepare the children of our community to be good citizens and contributing members of society. Raritan Valley Lodge #46 is proud to honor some outstanding educators from among this honorable profession.

Ms. Paula Discenza
2015 Educator of the Year
Raritan Valley Lodge & 12th Masonic District
Adamsville School

First Responder of the Year

Raritan Valley Lodge #46 believes that those who protect us and respond in times of crisis including police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) deserve our gratitude and respect. For that reason we regularly recognize first responders from our community as a way of thanking them for the vital work they do for us each day.

Detective James Edwards
2014 First Responder of the Year
Raritan Valley Lodge
Bridgewater Township Police Department